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From the smallest seed to the most distant star they are one and the same. The same seed that grew the stars grew you, your potential has already been established, let that potential unfold within you.”

— Shane McLeay

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About Shane

Shane McLeay has had a successful business background, having built and managed a wide range of businesses throughout his  business career. He has also enjoyed success as a singer songwriter, seeing his music feature in films and he has received commercial airplay around the world. Shane has also been in demand as a keynote speaker on the topics of change, awakening and spirituality and has had a successful career in television marketing.

Shane most recently served as the CEO of Academy Award winner Dr Jim Frazier’s global environmental feature film project Symphony of the Earth and founded the Truth Awakening to help promote change, higher thinking and awareness in the world today.

With all this behind him, Shane is now committed to doing all he can to help humanity awaken to its full potential. He speaks of change, world peace and the abandonment of rigid belief systems that have seen humanity enslaved for thousands of years. We hope you gain some insight from this site and please come back and check us out again as we are always adding new content. 







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