Shane McLeay

Shane McLeay is a highly sought after mentor who bases his work in the esoteric, energetic principles of shamanism. As an initiated shaman, Shane comes from this place and looks at the world through this energetic lens, a view that is highly valued by those he works with.

He has mentored CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, corporate leadership teams, sales teams, and an Academy Award Winner, he is a two time best selling author and has had a diverse and successful background in business, having worked with some of Australia’s largest and oldest companies along with building his own successful businesses.

Shane’s work is all about helping people transform and shift through the constantly changing world we now find ourselves in, partnering with them to live the best version of their lives. His comprehension of the energies of these times are an asset to those who engage with him.

Trained by holy men and woman from around the world over many years, Shane communicates these sacred teachings and disciplines to his clients and students in a way that they can apply them to their lives, fast tracking them to achieve their goals and dreams. 

Shane works with business owners, corporate leaders, their teams, and individuals, helping them to live their best lives with the energetic tools and esoteric wisdom he has learned over the decades. 

Shane has toured extensively speaking at events including the Mind Body Spirit Festival, Heal Yourself Expo and Life Talk Events, the Global Transformation Festival along with his own sellout “Thirsty” Road Show in 2018. 

Shane is committed to helping people fulfil the amazing purpose for which they have come and you can connect with Shane on Instagram, Facebook, Linked In, Youtube and shanemcleay.com

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Shane McLeay
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