Manifesting The Impossible


Gratitude is more than a word and it needs to become more than a word that simply passes through ones lips. To truly be grateful we must be satisfied with all that we already have. Within true gratitude is found the sweetness of contentment. When gratitude shifts from being simply a word into becoming a way of living, that's the beautiful moment when you will see the power of gratitude working within your life,

day in and day out.


When we are out of alignment with our true purpose, we tend to desire things that are in conflict to that purpose. The important question to ask yourself is; are the things I am wanting to attract into my reality going to serve me? Are they going to move me forward in my purpose or take me from it? Do these things pass the measure of truth? Only you can know and when you come from a position of truth, truth will guide you.


You and you alone create the reality in which you exist. Through the energetic powers of visualisation and intension will come the outcomes you long to see. Let these things occupy your thoughts, your senses. Live within the energy of seeing them come to life and made manifest in this physical realm. Remember everything is spirit and everything responds to vibrational energy. Know your vibrations


Does it resonate? As you move forward through these steps what you desire needs to be resonating within your souls core. Where there is conflict let there be peace, where there is uncertainty let there be assurance. If your longing is in harmony with your purpose it will vibrate on that same frequency and there will be harmony.


Longing for something without taking action is simply wishful thinking. If you are confident that what you want to manifest is going to serve you and appear, there needs to be action from you. In the same way you would prepare for a visitor to arrive prepare for the appearance of your desired manifestation. Make way for the appearance of your beautiful manifestation each and every day. Expect it to appear in divine timing. STEP 7

The universe is limitless in all possibilities. Everything is connected, all is possible. Rest in this and have peace around what you are wanting to see manifest. Letting go of doubt and "what if's" is making way. Confidently walk forward with expectation and gratitude in your heart. Be found in this space as many times as you possibly can, every minute of every hour of

every day. Make this your ritual and have peace.


Many manifestations are sabotaged due to a lack of patience. Patience is more than a virtue, it is giving space and respect to the divine timing of the all knowing Universe. Patience will serve you well and if you are truly in alignment with what you are wanting to manifest you will not question the timing around it appearing. Patience is about trusting, it's about knowing and it's about letting go.

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Shane McLeay
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