Below are some articles written by Shane on all things marketing, we hope they help you in achieving your business dreams and goals!

Understanding Branding and Call to Action!

In the fast paced and ever changing world of mass and social media, trying to find the right marketing formula for your business or project can be a real challenge. At a time when marketing dollars are so hard to come by and even easier to waste what should you do?

There are two foundational types of marketing, one is “branding” and the other is “call to action” and without an ongoing branding campaign your call to action campaigns are not going to be anywhere near as effective as they would be if your brand is already in your potential customers mind. A branding campaign means that you are consistently communicating who you are, where you are, what you do, your point of difference or USP (unique selling point) and how they can contact you – fundamentally, that is branding. An example of call to action marketing is: price, product and time frame – “ACT NOW!” or “HURRY STOCKS ARE LIMITED”.

As I mentioned before and I reinforce this point for a reason, a call to action campaign will always work better when it is built on a branding foundation. Research has shown us that call to action marketing is up to 40% (some researches put this figure as high as 60%) more effective if used with a long term solid branding strategy.

What is Marketing?

What is marketing? Marketing is what you say and do, marketing is the way in which you communicate to the market place and marketing is anything and everything you do under the banner of you brand. All that said, the success or failure of your business lies within your ability to understand that everything you do is marketing, everything you say, everything you do and even the things you don’t do are a direct message to the marketplace and a direct message to the marketplace equals MARKETING!

One of the biggest misunderstandings in the business world today is that an advertisement in the newspaper or a placement on the radio or television is marketing, marketing is so much more than advertising. Advertising is just a small part of what marketing really is and understanding this fundamental principle will set you light years in front of your competitors.

The Cost of being Absent

What price do you place on your visibility? Remember the saying, “out of sight, out of mind”? If you are absent from the minds of your marketplace then how will they remember you? What is it that makes you and your brand so amazingly exceptional that you can afford to be absent from the hearts, minds and recall of those that you need to engage with in such a crowded marketplace? There is an answer to this question and for some it may come as quiet a surprise and that answer is absolutely NOTHING! 
Unfortunately there is absolutely nothing that places you in a space that exempts you from being forgotten or absent in the hearts and minds of your potential and existing customers. Your visibility will always determine your profitability and in many cases your longevity as a brand or business. 
You might have a captive audience, you may believe that you are already the brand of choice in your region or category and you may well be for some buyers, but what about those people who don’t consider you their brand of choice? Look at the leading global brands in the market today, Coke, Apple, Ford, Jeep, and Starbucks, they are all consistently staking their claims on hearts and minds – they understand the value in being highly visible. 
Consider your visibility, be honest! Increasing your visibility doesn’t need to be a mammoth task or expense, it could simply mean turning up at a business networking breakfast or simply phone three additional people a day – your visibility never needs to be complicated, it never needs to be hard work, it simply needs to be.