Mindfulness 5 Steps

We are living in challenging times and sometimes the negativity and the sense of hopelessness can become overwhelming, even for the most positive minds. Here are 5 tips to help you navigate through the mindset minefield. Remember, every battle you will ever face will be won or lost on the battlefield of your mind.

#1 Own your thoughts: Rather than simply respond to what's coming into your headspace pause and own your thoughts. Make them accountable and make them serve you, you're not here to serve them.

#2 Know what you can and can't control: so many of us spend countless hours worrying about what we cant control - STOP IT! Instead of focussing on what is out of your control begin to formulate plans that will help you respond to the things you have no control over and focus your thoughts and intentions on the things you do have control and influence over.

#3 Remember to breathe: In the middle of an anxiety attack simply stop and breathe through it. Remember that you've come this far and you've most likely been through worse. Remember that it's ok not to have all the answers and it's ok to feel weak and a little bit lost. You're going to be ok.

#4 Know thyself: Having an understanding of who you really are and where you want to be in life will always serve you well and place you ahead of those who aimlessly wonder the earth. Know who you are and remember what brought you this far.

#5 Learn resilience: Often easier said than done, however if being resilient is front and centre of your thought life and that is where you are placing your energy and intentions you are far more likely to succeed at being resilient than those who simply react to what comes their way. Be intentional about learning and maintaining resilience and know that energy flows where attention goes.

The above points are all based on the shamanic work that I do, day in and day out and by applying these principles to your daily life will help. Above all else don't be afraid to reach out and tell someone that you're struggling, we all have and we all do from time to time - it's called being human.

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Shane McLeay
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