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Helping people shift through the constantly changing world we now find ourselves in. Shane McLeay is an initiated Shaman, a two time best selling author, a mentor, spiritual teacher, and thought leader.
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Shane believes that the best place to start is at the begging with a discovery session. Before Shane can work with a client he needs to know that firstly he understands what the clients needs are and secondly he needs to determine that he can help the client achieve their goals, dreams and visions. During the discovery session Shane drills down into your needs and your expectations to determine the best way forward.

During the discovery session Shane will explain his process and discuss options that can be adapted to work around your needs. Shane is driven by his desire to provide effective outcomes that will see you living your best life, after all - that’s why we’re here. During the session Shane will ask you a lot of questions and you will have the opportunity to ask questions as well.

Shane’s work is based in the energetic world of shamanism and it is from this place that he delivers his results, he believes that it is important that  those he works with understand the perspective from which he comes because it is unconventional, mystical, magical in many respects and most certainly powerful.

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Discovery Session

Don’t know where to begin?

This is recommended as the starting point for all newcomers to Shane’s work and from this session Shane, with you will discover the best way forward to help you achieve your best life.
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Soul Guidance

Direction, clarity and guidance.

A shamanic guidance session will help direct you on your path and give you the clarity and direction you need to arrive at the best outcome for you.
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Soul Reading

Reaching your goals and dreams.

What energetic attachments form the past are robbing you from your beautiful future? A shamanic soul reading will help you navigate towards your best outcomes.
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Corporate Guidance

Build culture and vision.

In the competitive world of business shamanic insight and guidance are not only invaluable but they also provide a supernatural advantage.
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Energy Clearing

Remove disruptive energies.

Negative energies and energetic beings can take a very disruptive foothold in a home or office causing the occupants a great deal of anxiety, fear and distress. Shane is very experienced in dealing with these types of energies and has a 100% success rate in clearing these negative energies.
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Restore your inner energy.

Sometimes modern medical world is inadequate to deal with the root cause of an issue. The modern medical world is known for masking symptoms, not treating the cause. Shamanic insight and intervention  has proven to be very effective in the healing journey.
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Trained by holy men and woman from around the world over many years

Shane communicates these sacred teachings and disciplines to his clients and students in a way that they can apply them to their lives, fast tracking them to achieve their goals and dreams.
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