Gratitude from Thirsty


Gratitude is that beautiful place from where everything that is good in your life is able to come forth. Gratitude enables the manifestation of good things to be made real to us in our daily lives.

A grateful heart is the evidence by which those who walk the path of Light and Truth are known. Gratitude, love and peace radiate from their core and abundance fills the space around them.

Those who come from a place of gratitude know its gentle, limitless power. Those who understand what it is to be grateful are souls that have seen first-hand the unwavering power of gratitude at work in their daily lives.

Even for the smallest gift in your life be grateful, no matter what it is or how it looks, it has come to elevate your soul to a higher place, a place of greater maturity and understanding. As we begin to see the beauty in everything, we learn to become increasingly centred in gratitude and love.

Even in the darkest of places, know that Light can always be found, be grateful for this. Be grateful for the beautiful trees that give you air to breathe and demand nothing in return. Be grateful for the rain as it falls so freely from the sky, be grateful that you have this life that you are experiencing. Be grateful for the amazing things you are yet to discover on this beautiful journey you have been given.

It is when we come from this simple place of gratitude that the flow of abundant outpouring from the Universe makes itself known within our lives. The indescribable power of gratitude energy flows through us, it flows around us and it it makes itself known to us.

As we centre our hearts in a place of gratitude, we begin to understand the deep laws of the Universe, for within these foundational laws are the eternal principles of reaping and sowing that are as old as time itself.

The seeds of gratitude that have been sown in the past will always produce a harvest according to the nature of that which has been planted. The fruits that come from the seeds of gratitude are abundance and prosperity and will be poured out through you and around you, each and every day you choose to walk in a place of gratitude.

Gratitude is demonstrated within our appreciation, a grateful heart is thankful, it never grows tired of showing appreciation.

Those who lack gratitude, lack wisdom and understanding around the nature of the true spiritual laws, they know little of appreciation or respect. The one who is always wanting but knows no gratitude will always be left wanting, for the Universe responds to the heart which is overflowing with deep appreciation and endless gratitude.

Gratitude comes from knowing what it is to have lost, it comes from knowing what it means to have gone without and gratitude knows the beauty in receiving even the smallest of gifts.

With every new day we must reflect on what it means to live in a place of gratitude and remember how our attitudes impact on what is poured out to us.

To live a life based in gratitude is to simply be thankful and show appreciation in every instance, even when it hurts and even when it costs. Thankfulness and appreciation are the enduring qualities found in the heart of those firmly grounded in their spiritual truth.

Where there is no thankful attitude or appreciation there is no gratitude, no maturity and no willingness to understand the greater things of the spiritual journey, the journey that is the ultimate reason we have come.

The absence of gratitude creates a void between an individual and the Divine.

Those who give freely and without holding back understand the enduring power of gratitude. How we give to, and interact with the world around us shows the true character and the nature of our heart.

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Shane McLeay
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