Shamanic Principles

#1 The world is as you think it is. All is as you think it is. Everything begins with the thought, everything begins with the dream, the dream determines the reality.

#2 There are no limits. The universe is limitless in all potential. Everything is connected, all is possible.

#3 Energy will flow where attention goes. All things are alive in an ocean of energy. All energy responds to attention.

#4 Now is the moment of power. The now is the origin of all that is to come. This moment is all that exists, the past is but a memory of what once was and the future is a dream of what will be. All power rests in this moment.

#5 Love is the ultimate power. To know love is to know contentment. Where love increases hatred decreases. No thing is greater than love.

#6 All Power comes from within. Everything is alive, aware, and responsive to your intentions and energy. All things have power. All is alive. All is responding.

#7 Effectiveness is the measure of truth. Know your truth, walk in your truth. The evidence of your words and thoughts will be revealed in what manifests.

#8 All is sacred. Respect the sacred within you, respect the sacred in all things.

#9 We are here to be of service. To protect and serve our brothers and sisters, all that walks, crawls, swims and flies and our sacred mother earth.

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Shane McLeay
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